R-hub dev docs

This page contains notes about how things are done in R-hub. In other words, you are browsing our developer notes.

If you want to use R-hub, refer to the user docs.

R-hub components

Diagram showing R-hub components

The “coming soon” GitHub part is the future R-hub CI (continuous integration).

Other services

Other services built around the package builder include:

  • R-hub Docker containers that allow local debugging on Linux
  • the possibility to deploy R-hub locally (not yet)
  • Continuous integration (not there yet either)

R-hub also includes:

  • A database (and API) of system requirements, accessible via an API, used by the package builder and usable by other external tools such as containerit and codemetar,
  • A database (and API) of CRAN downloads from the RStudio CRAN mirror, useful to assess packages’ popularity,
  • A database (and API) of R versions,
  • A database (and API) of CRAN packages, that’s searchable,
  • An unofficial mirror of all CRAN packages on GitHub, useful to search for code.